August 17, 2022  
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Leadership and Supervision Podcasts
Dr. bob Milligan's YouTube channel contains short podcasts on leadership and supervision topics  read more ...

How Do I Motivate "Joe" And Myself?
Dr. Bob Milligan and Sarah Beth Aubrey discuss this topic in a recorded panel discussion for Farm Journal Field Days. read more ...

Articulate why your dairy farm exists
This article by Dr. Bob recently was published in Progressive Dairyman. Read it on their website. 

Farm Intergenerational transfer articles
Dr. Bob's article "Transitioning your dairy farm business is more than a generational transfer," thel second in a two part series is now on the Progressive Dairyman website. You can get to the first article fro that location. read more ...

Determining why employees find work miserable
Read Dr. bob's latest article in Progressive Beef Producer read more ...

Dr. Bob's article in tProgressive Cattleman
What do leaders of beef production businesses do? read more ...

Dr. Bob's Lead article in DairyBusiness Holstein Wrold
Titled Measurement is the Key. WHY read more ...

Article in Progressive Dairyman magazine
See Dr. Bob Milligan's article in Progressive Dairyman magazine titled "Onbaording is More than Orientation and training"  read more ...

"Avoiding August blues and pther summer pitfalls."
Read Bob's latest article in Progressive Beef Producer read more ...

Longevity in the Workplace: Does in Hinder Growth?
See Dr. Milligan article in Progressive Cattleman read more ...

Short Recording - Supervision
New January recording.  Click on the link below for an 11 minute recording by Dr. Bob Milligan titled "The Three Keys to Success as a Supervisor" read more ...

Cornell Undergraduate Business School in Top Ten
Before coming to Dairy Strategies, Senior Consultant Dr. Bob Milligan spent 28 years in the Department of Applied Economics and Management at Cornell University where he taught the most popular elective course in the undergraduate business program.  In the latest Business Week ranking of undergraduate business schools, the Cornell program is #10.  Contact Dairy Strategies for the best from business in the context of the dairy industry!!! 

Dr. Bob's Article in Progressive Dairyman
Read Dr. Bob's article titled "Does a Manager Manage?" read more ...

Large Dairy Herd Management e-book published
The Large Dairy Herd Management e-book is now available. Dr. Bob Milligan authored the lead article in the Effective Management of Farm Employees section. His article is titled "Leadership for the Farm Business."  read more ...

"4 Hiring Mistakes to Avoid"
An article written by Megan LaManna of Farm Journal Media partially based on an interview with Dr. bob Milligan, Senior consultant, Dairy Strategies. read more ...

"Balancing Employee Expectations and Workload During the Holidays" Dr. Bob's latest article inm
See Dr. Bob Milligan's latest article inm read more ...
Adopting a Management Focus
Presented at American Dairy Science Association symposium “Keeping Dairy Going and Growing”

A business like most dairy businesses does not – nor should they have – a full time chief executive position. Herein lies the BIG CHALLENGE: How does a producer succeed as a part-time chief executive while also serving as an operations manager and probably a worker. How does an owner/leader/manager succeed as the Chief Executive when those functions always appear to be less urgent and focused further into the future? read more ...
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