February 07, 2023  
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About Dairy Strategies

Dairy Strategies, LLC
Dairy Strategies, LLC is a leading dairy business management consulting company, based in Bruce, Wisconsin, and established in 1997 by Dr. Terry Smith, a highly regarded dairy systems specialist, consultant, educator and researcher.

We are success oriented as we believe that proven success will not only bring future business, but also ensure that we continue to proactively drive the dairy industry towards excellence.

Our compelling vision is to one day walk up and down the aisles of a grocery store where dairy ingredients and products are influencing consumer buying decisions and eating experiences, and it is evident that Dairy Strategies has positively impacted these consumption patterns.

We value integrity, global significance, excellence, innovation and sustainability as the basic tenants for delivering insight and knowledge-based solutions to our clients. We seek to help them achieve management excellence and to assist them in accomplishing their own dreams while exceeding consumer expectations.

The following are a few points that we feel make the Dairy Strategies consulting services approach unique:

• Our alliances with world-class regional, national and multi-national companies link our expertise with some of the best dairy companies in the world!

• Consulting efforts are targeted to both individual farm businesses and groups of farms with similar mindsets and approaches to dairying. We call these groups "dairy communities" because they share common values and common interests.

• We start by defining the problem or issue and then staff the project appropriately. As talented and diverse as the Dairy Strategies staff is, we cannot know everything. Therefore, we work to maintain a network of dairy experts from around the world that are willing to assist us on consulting projects, when needed.

• Dairy Strategies recognizes that information is a key component in today’s world. We value all the information that the producer has and assure the strictest confidentiality. In addition, we help to produce many other pieces of information that become the foundation of our consulting services.

• Dairy Strategies uses state-of-the-art electronic communications networks, decision support systems and other tools to facilitate cost-effective, producer-to-producer and producer-to-expert networking and interaction.

• We approach consulting as a team effort - our team working with your team. All consulting proposals and projects are reviewed by at least two consultants before being presented to our clients.

• We take a systems approach to everything we do. Your farm or business is a system. Your farm and the agriservice providers that support your farm or agribusiness constitute a system. Your farm and its local community are a system. By using a systems approach it is much less likely that the root cause of problems will be ignored or that opportunities for improvement will be overlooked.

• We are committed to finding solutions, not just analyzing problems. We continue to work with clients through implementation and provide ongoing monitoring support.

• While we define ourselves as a global dairy consulting company, we are absolutely committed to helping you and your associates to build local dairy capacity.

We appreciate your interest in Dairy Strategies and we look forward to working with your organization in the near future!
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