May 26, 2017  
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Fred Hinkley, M.S.

Associate Consultant

W10726 Woodland Rd.
Bruce, WI 54819-9600

Office: 1 (715) 868-3244 Ext. 202
Fred Hinkley, M.S.
Development and Implementation of Marketing Plans and Risk Management Analysis
Michigan State University
M.S., Animal Science

Michigan State University
B.S. - Dairy Science, 1991
Associate Consultant, Part-time, Dairy Strategies, LLC, - Dairy business and financial management consulting firm.

Extension educator with Michigan State University Extension (1994 - present)

Registered Commodity Broker (1981 to present)

Owned and operated Columbus Commodities (1983 to 1994)

Coordination of the Dairy Options Pilot Program throughout Michigan

Development of marketing clubs for crop and livestock producers

Merchandising of grain and other agricultural commodities
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