February 07, 2023  
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Joe K. Hillers, Ph.D.

Associate Consultant - Part-time

W10726 Woodland Rd.
Bruce, WI 54819-9600

Office: 1 (715) 868-3244 Ext. 202
Email: jhillers@trsmith.com
Joe K. Hillers, Ph.D.
Iowa State University
Ph.D. - 1965

Iowa State University
M.S. - 1962

Northwest Missouri State College
B.A. - 1960
Professor Emeritus - Washington State University (2000).

Assist. Prof., Assoc. Prof., and Professor - Department of Animal Sciences, Washington State University (1965 - 2000).

Dairy Producer - 60 Holstein cows herd (1965 - 2000).

Taught eight different classes. Major classes included: Animal Genetics and Senior level Dairy Production (lead teacher).

Initiated and served as Faculty-In-Charge of the Cooperative of University Dairy Students (CUDS), a group of 12 students who owned, managed and operated a herd of 40 registered Holsteins.

Author or co-author of 61 scientific publications.

Major Professor of 12 graduate students and committee member for 63 other graduate students.

Served on the Planning Committee of the Northwest Dairy Shortcourse and Lower Columbia Shortcourse from their initiation in 1970 until 2000.

Presentations to many different dairy producer groups.
Fellow - American Dairy Science Association (2002)

Mel Ehlers Dairy Booster Award - WSU Dairy Club (2001)

Certificate of Recognition - Washington State Dairy Federation (2000)

Teaching Fellow - National Association of College Teachers of Agriculture (1999)

Purina Mills Award for Teaching - American Dairy Science Association (1995)

Senior Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching - WSU College of Agriculture and Home Economics (1993)

R. M. Wade Award for excellence in Teaching - WSU College of Agriculture and Home Economics (1993)

Hall of Fame - Washington Purebred Cattle Association (1993)

Outstanding Advisor Award - WSU College of Agriculture and Home Economics (1988)
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