June 27, 2022  
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Dairy Strategies, LLC

Please follow the instructions below if you are having trouble getting logged-in to this site. Note that these instructions apply solely to Internet Explorer 6.0. If you have a different browser (such as Mozzila, Firefox, Netscape, etc), please send an e-mail to support@dairystrategies.com. We will be glad to help you.
1. Start your Internet Explorer.
2. Go to ToolsInternet Options.... The following form will be displayed:
3. Click in the Privacy tab:
4. Press the Advanced... button. The following form will be displayed:
5. Check the option Override automatic cookie handling.... The Remaining options in the form will become enabled.
6. Leave the First-party cookie option as Accept. Modify the Third-party cookies option to Prompt.
7. Press OK to close and save your changes to the Advanced Privacy Settings form.
8. Press OK to close and save your changes to the Internet Options form.
9. Refresh your browser. The following message will be displayed:
10. Check the option Apply my decision to all cookies from this Web site.
11. Press the Allow Cookie button.
12. Try to login one more time.

Changing this security setting will allow cookies to be saved to and read from your computer. Every time you access a website that requires cookies (such as the DairyStrategies.com site), the same message will be displayed. You may choose to allow or deny cookies depending on how trustworthy you believe the site is. If you feel that the burden of those massages is too great, you may choose to repeat the procedure above, but this time selecting the option Accept from the Third-party cookies section in the Advanced Privacy Settings form.

A "Cookie" is a small piece of information sent by a web server to be stored on the client computer. In this case, cookies are been used to store your login information (username and password) while you navigate through our website. In addition, cookies carry an "expiration date" to prevent malicious software to retrieve this information while you are no longer browsing the site. However, please note that this expiration date is removed from the cookie when you choose the option remember me in the login screen. Thus, we strongly encourage you to keep your anti-virus up to date or to have some spyware removal tool (such as Ad-aware) enabled at all times, especially when you choose to make cookies persistent.

If you still have problems to connect to the site after executing these instructions, or if your have any privacy/security concerns, please send an e-mail to support@dairystrategies.com. We will be glad to assist you.

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