December 04, 2022  
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Professional Development

Give Your Business an Edge!

Welcome! LearningEdge is a smart way to fulfill your leadership, supervision and coaching professional development needs. Instead of a once-a-year, exhausting and unproductive event, LearningEdge delivers cutting-edge concepts and ideas from the business world through a series of 60-90 minutes long, result-oriented, and highly interactive learning modules. Below are some of the comments we received from our clients on the advantages of LearningEdge:

"We were initially sold on Webinars as a more cost effective method for learning; we discovered that, even more important, we learned more from the time between sessions, as it helped us understand and utilize the new principles, skills and ideas."

Mr. Jamie Zimmerman
Dairy One Cooperative, Inc. - Ithaca, NY

"Webinars are a very effective communication and teaching tool."

Mr. Jim Kelm
Farm Business Management Instructor
Riverland Community College - Red Wing, MN

"The webinars have been a great economical way to build our professional development curriculum! In addition to the educational portion of the webinar, we’re able to share our experiences which makes it feel like a “support-group-like” atmosphere and all is done from home or from work, so no travel expenses!"

Kristin Fitzgerald
J. P. Fitzgerald, Inc. - Elkader, IA

The Problem

Work responsibilities often limit the time available for the professional development.
Programs are often highly expensive due to travel, lodging and food expenses along with significant portions of time away from work.
Low return on investment, as most of the information presented ends on To Do Lists that are never carried out.
Lack of network support, as the compressed schedule often allows time only for a few questions after the presentation.

The Solution

A continuing education program delivered through series of short and flexible sessions, easily fitting the schedule of busy agribusiness professionals.
A price-competitive learning program bearing almost no added cost, as most of the professional development is delivered via the internet and/or phone.
A program that allows the implementation of concepts as they are presented and an instructor keen to assist in the resolution of individual problems.
A program with effective and abundant discussions, role-plays, and group exercises that re-scripts everyone as both teacher and learner.

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How can we help you?

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