December 04, 2022  
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Dairy Strategies, LLC
Dairy Strategies blended validated, leading-edge business management principles with the expertise of our dedicated dairy consulting team in the development of solutions to help you lead your organization towards performance and quality excellence. Below is a list of our products and services, allocated according to the core business values of the renowned Baldrige National Quality Program:
Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award
Solution Description Baldrige Core Values
Business Planning Encompasses the creation of a detailed, feasible and accurate business plan. Strategic Planning
Dairy RiskManager Risk assessment tool for measuring and mitigating risks affecting your operation or market position. Strategic Planning, Customer & Market Focus
Dairy Wise Resource management application integrating people, actions, and items. Information & Analysis, Process Management
Wallchart System Comprehensive tool for monitoring and communicating relevant herd performance data. Information & Analysis
Dairy OnTime™ System for implementing quality management and continuous improvement principles in dairy farms. Information & Analysis, Process Management
Dairy Benchmarks™ Financial and production benchmarking application that allows the identification of "state of the art" practices. Information & Analysis, Business Results
Litigation Support Damage assessment service emphasizing accuracy and fairness. Business Results
Learning Edge Leadership, supervision and coaching professional development program Leadership, Human Resources Focus
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